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Customer Testimonials

We had the opportunity to view multiple properties based on our criteria. Majestic Hills offers a large variety of properties with beautiful short-range and long-range hill country views at a price point that we could afford. Matt Watson was extremely knowledgeable and thorough about each property, even going into the specific details of the septic systems, wells, and potential build sites. Matt was dedicated in finding us our perfect "A+" property. We were completely blown away by the experience Majestic Hills provided us! Thank you Matt for tailoring this adventure to meet our highest expectations.

Megan & Clinton M.

Majestic Hills Testimonial

Majestic Hills Testimonial

My name is Martin Leal and my wife's name is Patsy. I'm a 13 year military veteran and presently a 22 year educator. I wanted to share my experience when we received our tour with our fabulous consultant Christina.

I remember her taking us on this tour to Majestic Hills where I had a feeling our lives were going to change forever. Christina showed us a lot, however we decided to pass on it because I wanted to see the hilltops. The hilltop she showed us was the only one I had to see. We fell in love with that lot as soon as we stepped foot on it.

My imagination started running wild with the possibilities. It had the panoramic millionaire view I was looking for. I've taken my family and friends to see it several times. As soon as I submitted my pictures on Facebook, my friends started calling me. I was able to refer several of them and one of them will be our neighbor.

I explained to my wife that I was going to do whatever it took to make it happen. I still remember that as Christina was showing us our lot, another vehicle was fast approaching to view our lot and my wife shouted out "Christina, please let them know that this lot has been sold!" Christina proceeded to wave them down and told them "this lot is sold!"

It was quite an experience and we look forward to spending the rest of our lives on this land I call "a slice of paradise!"

Martin & Patsy L.

We wanted to share a few comments regarding our very positive experience with Mark Gallagher as he worked with us in finding our ideal lot in Majestic Hills. To begin, this lot purchase is hopefully to be our last, and with that consideration, we had defined many specific features for the property. For that reason, we wanted to check the majority of our boxes and did not want to settle for a great deal less. We appreciate that Mark understood those desires and accepted that no ordinary lot would do. He took on the challenge with great patience and we felt that he was truly invested in locating a lot for us. While we certainly weren't the only individuals looking for property, he remembered our numerous requirements from day one.

Likely our most favorable impressions of Mark were his no-pressure approach and honesty. We know his job is to sell the development, but he was never heavy handed. He stayed in touch on how the development was progressing and was always up front with us.

Finally, we made several trips to Majestic Hills and on each of those many occasions, Mark was gracious and friendly. It was a pleasure to be able to meet Mark and he is a great representative for your company.

We look forward to building our home and living in Majestic Hills!

Gwen and Kevin P.

Our experience at Majestic Hills with consultant Christina Puckett has been fantastic.

Christina took the time to hear the kinds of properties we were interested in (trees, water, views) and proceeded to show us examples of each in a very easygoing manner without any high-pressure sales tactics. We ended up selecting a property with over 60 oak trees along with maples and ash trees following a wet weather creek bed that feeds Blasingame Creek. There is also some pastureland where I can practice my green thumb and some incredible views of the surrounding hills.

While the land sells itself, Christina was our guide to finding it. Post-sale Christina has been quick to respond to questions regarding well water testing, home builders, proposed electric access points and availability of other properties. Can't get any better than that!

Mike & Sandra L.

Majestic Hills Testimonial

Majestic Hills Testimonial

My name is Desiree Kloza, and I wanted to take a few moments to relay how incredibly wonderful our purchase experience was with Lonestar Land Partners, and most especially with our sales rep, Christina Puckett. My husband and I had been looking at acreage property for several months last spring when we finally decided to check out Majestic Hills. I say finally, because the Blanco area is a favorite of ours, and we had seen the billboards the entire time we were looking, but for whatever reason hadn't set up an appointment to view properties. We had come very close to putting a payment down on 10 acres just to the east of Blanco, but I knew that it wasn't a perfect fit. Since this property was to be our retirement dream, I knew I wouldn't be happy just "settling."

When we set up our appointment with Christina, she asked the realtor who was acting on our behalf the "right" questions about what we were looking for. From the moment we walked into the office, she listened to us, answered our questions, and ultimately took us to our "dream property." Before we left the office, she looked confidently at my husband and me, and said, "I think I have the perfect property."

I can't explain it, but before we ever turned into Majestic Hills, I knew she was right. She drove us to the top of Big Sky Court and simply smiled and stepped back and watched as we got out of her truck to see the property for the first time. It took about 5 minutes for us to decide that this was OURS. She walked us throughout the entire 10 acres, acted as the game warden, showing us the abundant wildlife, and even scaring off a snake in our path! She was knowledgeable without being pushy and wasn't obsessed with making a sale. She cared about what we wanted, and she delivered!

As my husband and I sat in our swing on the property, visualizing our future home, she gave us that moment of privacy that we needed, just to dream. Right as we were about to tell her that we had made our decision, much to our surprise, a puppy ran up through the property, as though he were welcoming us home! It was as if, that was a sign that this was meant to be. We even teased Christina that she must use puppies to soften up all of her clients.

Without a thought, she scooped up little "Nugget" (we named him of course) and took him back to the office with us. As luck would have it, our realtor that had been helping us (she wasn't able to be with us that day) ended up adopting Nugget. It was a perfect ending to the perfect experience.

We closed on the property literally the day before the world seemed to shut down due to Covid. When we needed to escape quarantine, our little piece of heaven in Majestic Hills is where we would go… We are counting the days before we will be able to build our dream home. Christina not only introduced us to our dream, but she became our friend. What more can you ask for? Thank you, Christina, for taking the time to listen to us, getting to know us, and most importantly showing how much you care about us! We love you!

Desiree & Danny K.

Our land quest journey began weeks before we met Ms. Christina Puckett. My husband and I had been looking for land a few weeks before we learned about Majestic Hills and jumped to the opportunity right away, the only problem was, we would not be able to attend their next tour, that is when we met Christina.

We have always believed that there are no coincidences in life, finding Christina in our journey when searching for a land we could call home was meant to be! We strongly believe God placed her in our path!

From the start, Christina listened attentively to our needs, she asked us questions about the things we were looking for, our priorities, price range, land size, likes and dislikes. One of our top priorities was finding land near water, that was an absolute non-negotiable requirement for us. Christina listened attentively to our goals and dreams; she was diligent in taking notes about our priorities so that she could help us find a land we could call "our little piece of heaven" in the Texas Hill Country.

Christina took us on a tour at Majestic Hills a few days after we met. The tour was truly enlightening and enjoyable, not only did she take the time to tour with us and guided us to all the lands she thought might be in harmony with what we were in quest of, but she educated us on all the lands we visited, she did it with a smile too! We truly felt like if she knew exactly what we were searching for and, yes indeed, after weeks and weeks of searching for our "little piece of heaven" we were able to find it with Christina's help in one day! and with our own water pond too!

My husband and I truly appreciated the fact that Christina took the time, talked to us and acknowledged us as people, not just another potential sale. Nevertheless, what we found even more remarkable was her genuine attention, through all the time we interacted with Christina, she always listened patiently without rushing or interrupting us, her professionalism and kindness is rare to find in the times we live now.

Thank you, Christina, you are the best!

Mariza & Jorge F.

Majestic Hills Testimonial

Mark, Louis and Price were great to work with. All were professional, knowledgeable and gave me the space to finalize the deal without feeling pressured.

Richard F.

Mark was a great listener to match our needs to the correct property. He followed up the right amount of times and was very knowledgeable about the property and surrounding areas.

Tim & Cindy H.

Mark was very friendly and helpful. He was very patient with all of our questions and drove us to view several lot options. The property is absolutely beautiful. This was a "no pressure" sales appointment. When we finally made our decision, Mark explained everything in very simple terms. He was a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend Majestic Hills to other looking to purchase property in the Texas Hill Country.

Arthur & Vickie T.

Thanks for being so attentive to what we were looking for.

Eric & Jennifer M.

We had a great experience. Mark was informative, helpful and listened to our needs. He was patient with our wants and don't want list. He was amazing!

Robert & Debbie O.

Amazing community, great location and nearby town. Ken was great and really helped answer all of our numerous questions. Very patient with ALL of our questions!

Nathan & Kelly V.

Mr. Ken was very nice, polite and well-explained. He showed and walked us to different lots on the property. Overall, we had a very good experience. Answered the questions, easy to communicate with, and patient – extremely patient.

Lee & Brandy R.

Ken Hopkins is so patient and knowledge and great to work with. Impressed with the development and amenities. Looking forward to enjoying the great views and the wildlife! So many deer!

Great location, building sites, great salesman – Ken Hopkins. What a delight to work with. Great views and not too big a development.

Paul & Norma M.

We really enjoyed how Kenneth showed us all the possible properties and helped us choose the perfect lot! He was really patient and explained everything thoroughly. We are sure we will have a lot of fun here at Majestic Hills!

Adriana & Juan F.

We just bought a second lot on the community. It's a great location with well-thought out restrictions. We enjoyed working with the sales team. They are very knowledgeable. They helped us to see the potential of the land and multiple possible building sites, which really opened up our eyes, and made us appreciate the land, the view and the community even more. Our thanks to the sales team!

Rex & Michelle C.

The land is beautiful! Service was great. We are excited new landowners.

Andrea & Scott R.

This development is beautiful. The views are breathtaking. Cannot wait to start building and living the dream.

Michael & Chasey S.

Kenneth did a fantastic job in showing us the properties. Very professional, polite and a great attitude. Thanks Ken!

Alfredo P.

We felt at ease with our sales rep Tyra. Not once did we feel any pressure and she made the experience fun. The drive through the property was beautiful and not rushed, which we really appreciated.

Sarah B.

Joe was amazing and very informative. We enjoyed the drive out and an amazing view of the site. Can't wait to come back and build. Michelle was the sweetest lady! Thank you for the lunch.

Cody & Risa W.

Mark was patient, professional and thorough. Enjoyed the time we spent exploring Majestic Hills.

Mark S. & Tina V.

Awesome experience, great view, can't wait to live there. Very friendly. Ken was fantastic!

Robert L.

We have been looking at property in the Hill Country for 3+ years. Numerous times we would find the perfect lot only to find out a contract as pending. We were very specific on what we wanted: privacy, view, quiet, reasonable restrictions, and space between lots. We found the perfect lot at Majestic Hills.

Ron & Vicky O.

Nick was very courteous, professional and ZERO pressure. He made our experience a pleasant one! The development is absolutely beautiful, exceed our expectations. We look forward to living there!

Gary & Ana N.

Beautiful. Perfect for serenity, views and a quiet escape. Great people to work with that help you see what you envision for your future home.

Jason & Tricia B.

Beautiful land. Ken was very knowledgeable and very little feeling of pressure.

James & Tina B.

Great customer service. Mark hit the mark on what we wanted. He took us to the lots he knew we would love and really helped us through all the aspects of our purchase. Thank you, Mark!!!

Luis & Sandra V.

Great job explaining everything. Seems to be very reputable company. Good infrastructure (roads and gates).

John T.

Ken was great and the property tour sold us. Great terrain and scenic views. Value is there and this appears to be a great future investment and place to retire.

Jacob & Briana G.

Thank you for being so wonderful!

Kyle, Carla & Kayleigh K.

Awesome! Mark was great and put up with a lot from us.

Bruce B.

We really enjoyed the way Kenneth Hopkins presented the different land to us and the way he respected and understood what we wanted.

Rodrigo G.

Great experience. Professional yet laidback. Very knowledgeable. Made the process easier than I anticipated.

Jesus R.

Wonderful time seeing what Majestic Hills has to offer. Christina gave us fantastic information and made the process smooth and easy. We love it here!

Gary & Patricia G.